1. How BlaBlaCar Works

  1. Drivers Offer a ride

    Proposer vos places

    Passengers Look for
    a ride

  2. Plan your trip

  3. Travel together

2. The BlaBla Service

Behind BlaBlaCar there's a dedicated team of engineers, designers, customer support and more, all car sharers themselves! We have designed every feature to make the car sharing experience easy and convenient, so your trips go smoothly, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride!

Social Profiles

Car sharing is really social; that's why members have member profiles to share their interests, occupation, spoken languages and musical preferences. The most important piece of information, however, is the BlaBla preference which allows members to indicate their level of in-car chattiness: “BlaBlaBla” if you like to talk about life, the universe & everything or just “Bla” if you prefer to sleep or watch the scenery go by! Social profiles tell you what to expect on your trip, and make meeting other members easy and enjoyable.

Simple Planning

BlaBlaCar makes setting up a car share simple in two ways. First, passengers easily find drivers online, whilst the confidentiality of both parties is protected, thanks to our internal messaging system. Second, once a car share has been planned, real life meetings are simple and reliable because both parties know just what to expect.


When you organise a car share on BlaBlaCar, meeting points are displayed on an interactive map. No need to make lots of calls describing exactly where you are, it's been agreed in advance, and you know the model and colour of the car, so you'll have no problem finding each other.

Clear Pricing

BlaBlaCar has an automatic price calculator that suggests a price per passenger, that drivers can then adjust. Prices are capped so that drivers only offset their running costs (without making a profit), in accordance with regulation. They are also non-negotiable, making it perfectly straightforward to plan your car share, and transparent for both parties.

Easy Search

Are you searching for a specific ride? Simply enter the departure and arrival points and date into our search engine and bingo! All the available rides appear in chronological order. You can even expand the search with advanced criteria; all you need to do is choose!

Car share preferences

Are you allergic to cat hair? Don't like smoking? Do you always listen to music while driving? You can add all these preferences to your BlaBlaCar profile. Clearly communicating them helps your passengers know the rules before hopping in, so you’ll both be able to enjoy the ride!

Passenger Comfort

Worried there won’t be enough room for your long legs? Don't be! On BlaBlaCar, drivers specify what kind of car they drive (make and model), publish a photo, and indicate the level of comfort. You can use your comfort criteria to choose your ride, and you'll always know exactly what to expect.