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When 20-something Fred was trying to get home to his family in the French countryside for Christmas, he struggled as he had no car and all the trains were full. After begging his sister to pick him up, it was on the road when Fred noticed the sheer number of people driving alone. It hit him that all those empty seats in existing cars could be the beginning of a new travel network. Over the next decade, together with co-founders Francis and Nicolas, the trio took this simple idea and built it into the world’s leading carpooling platform, connecting millions of people going the same way. Take a look at our journey so far!

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May 2017
BlaBlaLines, an entirely new carpooling app for commuting, launches in beta on two French axes.
April 2017
BlaBlaCar introduces exclusive car-as-a-service deals in pilot partnership with ALD Automotive and Opel.
December 2016
40 million members across the globe and counting.
Summer 2016
BlaBlaTour rocks the world!
May 2016
Trust is what enables millions of people to carpool every day. Read how BlaBlaCar is Entering the Trust Age.
April 2016
Over 500 international faces on the team and growing!
In 2016
New product features are added to improve the overall experience including ID checks, two-way ratings and “2 Max in the Back.”
January 2016
BlaBlaCar joins forces with carpooling platform Jizdomat, putting Czech and Slovakia on the map.
In 2015
BlaBlaCar expands further by launching in Brazil and India, and by teaming up with Rides in Mexico, Mitfahrgelegenheit in Germany and Autohop in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.
Summer 2015
BlaBlaTour 2015 brings members together in 90 cities giving everyone the chance to meet each other and give feedback.
September 2015
To fuel global growth and expand internationally, $200m is raised through Insight Venture Partners, Lead Edge Capital and Vostok New Ventures.
In 2014
BlaBlaCar launches in Turkey and partners up with Podorozhniki in Russia and Ukraine.
November 2014
Members of the BlaBlaCar community help out other members through the launch of BlaBlaHelp, an online chat.
July 2014
To become the global leader in long-distance carpooling, $100m is raised through Index Ventures
April 2013
BlaBlaCar expands further by launching in Germany.
March 2013
BlaBlaCar’s 10 values are born after being crowdsourced during a ski trip in the French Alps.
October 2013
The new and improved Version 3 platform goes live.
November 2012
Trustman is born during a TED Talk in Paris.
Throughout 2012
BlaBlaCar teams up with PostoinAuto and Superdojazd and opens up in Italy and Poland.
January 2012
€7.5M is raised through Accel Partners to accelerate expansion into France’s neighbouring countries.
April 2011
To bring back reliability to all members, the online booking system is launched in France.
May 2010
BlaBlaCar becomes the preferred travel alternative during the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud.
April 2010
€1.25M is raised through ISAI and Cabiedes Partners in order to deploy a robust business model
December 2009
Launch of BlaBlaCar’s app on iPhone.
October 2009
People from Spain now have access to BlaBlaCar as well!
June 2009
To accelerate growth and allow BlaBlaCar to become France’s leader in community size, €600k is raised through good friends and business angels.
February 2009
Fred’s living room finally becomes a living room again as the team moves into a regular office.
January 2009
First employee Laure Wagner joins BlaBlaCar
August 2008
After a busy summer of coding, Version 2 launches.
In 2008
BlaBlaCar starts to build an even stronger community by introducing ratings and pictures.
Summer 2008
BlaBlaCar expands its carpooling service by building custom platforms for Ikea and Carrefour.
100k members in the community and growing everyday!
July 2007
BlaBlaCar becomes a travel solution during train strikes and gets thrown into the media spotlight.
First version launches on mobile.
October 2007
Fred and Nicolas Brusson meet at INSEAD Business School and start to transform the project by developing a business plan.
September 2006
BlaBlaCar officially launches in France under the name covoiturage.fr.
In 2006
Fred meets Francis Nappez and they begin to code nonstop.
2004 - 2005
Develop. Eat pasta. Develop.
Christmas 2003
All train tickets are sold out and Fred is stuck in Paris with no way to get home to his family in Vendee for Christmas. After his sister agrees to pick him up, it’s on the road when Fred spots all the empty cars driving by. “Oh my God,” he thinks, “There ARE seats going places, but they’re not in trains, they’re in CARS!” And just like that, the idea of a people-powered travel network is born.

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